Highland Group–The style you always wanted–Interpreted exclusively for you.

Highland Group will create a one-of-a-kind design that not only exemplifies your desires, but makes the home very personal to you and your unique taste.  Always functional to the needs of your family and future families, the timeless and sophisticated home, once complete will exceed the imagination of anyone fortunate enough to enter.

Unlike most  design firms, Highland Group does not have the typical “Signature Look”, as each home design is to be as unique as you, your family and proposed budget.

Whether your interests are based on traditional motifs, mountain rustic, postmodern, contemporary, or a combination all of the above. We will achieve your design and function by a thorough interview we call the “Wish List”.

Highland Group offers a unique combination of skills.

Tim Furner directs all designs, and he also relies on his talented staff to help design and refine to make your home the best it can be.

Realizing a new home is an accumulation of many things in your lives. Highland Groups role is to listen, organize your wishes and dreams into a coherent plan that’s a reflection of your lifestyle and is tempered by reality of budgets and construction restraints. Highland Group strengths are in direct correlation to our diverse experiences in life, practical on the job construction, education, and the infinite variety and quantity of completed projects since 1986.

To learn more about Highland Group’s services and procedures, please review the following page:

Our Process