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Our Process

Schematic Design – Floor Plans

This phase will start with a pre design meeting to determine the needs and wishes. Highland Group will ask the owner to prepare a wish list that describes the function and use of each required and wanted space. During this process, Highland Group will analyze and critique the wish list of your special requirements and design features. We will review the long and short term goals for the house, and how it is to be used. With this information, Highland Group will provide you with schematic floor plans and a site plan for review.

Schematic Designs – Exterior Elevations

Gather information on the style and character of the exterior elevations. This will be derived from your exposures to various homes that you may have seen, or by photographs. We will interpret those ideas, research that specific style to ensure the authentic character, and provide you with a unique home to meet your needs and wishes. At this time, your builder and interior design will be asked to become involved and contribute any additional ideas that they might have and to help develop a preliminary budget.

Design Development

Develop the schematic designs into working floor plans. This stage sets the final room sizes, square footage, and allows us to formulate the space for interior designs, furniture layouts, and finishes.

Construction Documents

Provide the documentation and technical information to describe all phases of the construction . The construction documents will include detailed drawings required by the local inspection department. There will be sufficient detail and information for the various subcontractors to ensure installation and completion of their trade. The construction documents will also specify the exterior finishes and final character of the home.

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